Alternative Investments

We also offer more complex investments as Alternatives to traditional investing. Sometimes Investors desire these types of investments to diversify an investment portfolio and to provide different returns under various market conditions that may not be correlated to traditional investments. These investments may also have certain tax advantages that certain investors may find desirable. Alternative Investments are generally considered to be long-term investments and may be illiquid and not be able to be readily sold on the open market.
Annuities (Fixed and Variable) … Contracts with Life Insurance companies to guarantee certain returns over a long time period. Objectives: Income and Capital Preservation.
Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITs) … Pooled interest investments in Real Estate portfolios such as Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Apartment Buildings, Warehouse and Industrial Buildings, and other Real Estate Developments. Objectives: Income and Capital Appreciation.
Real Estate Limited Partnerships (LPs) … Also pooled interest Real Estate investments organized outside of the REIT structure.  Partnerships are sometimes considered more speculative in nature as compared to REITs. Objectives: Income and Capital Appreciation.
Real Estate 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges … Specific Real Estate Properties organized to take advantage of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code which allows deferral of current taxation on the proceeds of a qualified Real Estate transaction by exchanging into another qualified property. Objectives: Income and Tax Savings.
Structured Investments (Certificates of Deposit, CDs and Notes) …“Baskets” of investments, usually stocks or bonds, that are set up by an offering company designed to be held for a specific period of time. Objectives: Income and Capital Appreciation.
Oil and Gas Partnerships … Investment Partnerships set up for the Exploration, Development, or Production of Oil and/or Natural Gas interests. Objectives: Income and Tax Savings.
Business Development Companies (BDCs) … Pooled Investments set up for the Private Financing of business concerns that are typically in the development stage. Objectives: Income and Long-Term Capital Appreciation.
Managed Futures … Pooled Investments that trade Options and Forward Contracts on Commodities, Stock Indices, Bonds, Currencies, Precious Metals, and other investment vehicles by taking both Long and Short positions. Objectives: Growth and Non-Correlated Diversification.
These investments are meant to be offered for more sophisticated investors that must meet specific Suitability Requirements.  They may be considered to be High Risk Investments. Purchases may be subject to certain restrictions such as Minimum Investment Amounts or Maximum Allocation Amounts allowed in a portfolio.
If you have an interest in learning more about these Alternative Investments, please contact us for specific information to see if they are Suitable for your Investment Portfolio. 

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