Business Exit Planning ... Nearly half of all Business Owners aged 55 and older want to sell their business in the next three years …But 90% of them have not started the Planning Process.  (... more)                  

                              So what could possibly go wrong?                     

Business Advisors ... There are many aspects to address in planning a Business. There are many service providers to work with. A Planning Advisor coordinates the activities of your service providers leaving you more time to do what you do best ... Run your Business. (... more)

The Role of the Planning Advisor ... The Role of the Planning Advisor is to Design a Plan that identifies specific goals and objectives of the Business Owner, Implement a Process to achieve these goals, Coordinate the Activities of the key advisors, and Monitor Progress towards the goals in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the Business Owner that is consistent with their desired objectives ... during their lifetime and after their passing. (... more)

           ·      What value do we need to get out of the Business?
           ·      What do we have to work with?
           ·      How do we maximize and protect the value of the Business?
          ·      Who will be transferring the Business to?
         ·      What will we do next after the Business Exit?

Driving Business Valuation ... Although Planning Advisors often use the phrase “Business Exit Planning” as we speak with Business Owners, we realize that the process of working on their businesses to drive Business Valuation also applies to growing businesses that still may be far off from the eventual Exit Plan. The process of Driving Business Valuation utilizes three simple steps to help owners close the gap between where they are today to where they ultimately want to be when they actively start the Business Exit process. (... more)

     Step One: Valuation Analysis. Discover the Owner’s Strategic Objectives and the Owner’s current personal and business Financial Resources.

     Step Two: Gap Analysis. Identify Areas of Focus in the Business to close the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be.

     Step Three: Valuation Plan. Specify Necessary Actions needed for the Owner to drive the Valuation of the Business.

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Preparing to Sell Your Business

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